Trying to learn HTML to one day make a passable webbed site design... Who knows, maybe it will prove useful for something else in the future. At least I will be REALLY good at designing Neopet's pet pages lolol.

HIII welcome to my WEBSITE! This is sort of my little pet project to just make something that I enjoy looking at that also represent me in some way shape or form. I'm hoping to make this homepage look purposefully janky and homemade. Whatever I put on here, is whatever! I'll have other more well thought out pages later. This is just for me to enjoy and for you to look at and go "Wow, the guy who made this sure is some kind of dude" which you would be overwhelmingly correct about. ANYWAAAAAYS!!! Always remember to click all links you see no matter what, m'kay?? I prommy I'm not gonna give you a virus PROMMY!!!


Yes, Sephiroth IS my wife. We go on dates to Chili's every Thursday, and every Tuesday we go to the local junkyard so he can hurl scrap metal, large boulders, and refrigerators at me. This is enrichment for him. I'm very good at dodging so even if he was really trying to kill me it wouldn't work because I cannot be killed using any known methods of man. Wednesday is when we go out rollerskating together and then spend the rest of the night debating the ethics of standardized testing. He plays Devil's Advocate and then once we both are sufficiently upset we go out into the backyard and beat each other with plastic poles. If you would like to know more about my committed relationship with my beautiful wife, Sephiroth, then simply look out the window to your left.